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What can we do for your furniture?

From re-upholstery to replacing components and materials, Chris of Croydon will restore your furniture back to its best.

Re-cushioning - If the cushioning of your furniture has become deformed or displaced, we can replace so as to retain the shape of your furniture.


Re-upholstery - We are upholstery specialists, and stock a range of fabrics and materials. We also have the contacts necessary to ensure your antique piece can be restored with the authentic materials and details.


Damage repair - From repairing cigarette burns and pet damage, contact Chris of Croydon to bring your furniture back to its best. We can replace buttons, repair stitching, and ensure a matching appearance for your item of furniture.

Call Chris of Croydon today to arrange for your item of furniture to be restored.

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Mobile furniture upholstery restoration

Whether you have a regular family sofa that you want to re-cover, or an antique item of furniture that needs to be brought back to its former glory, we have the skills, knowhow and equipment to ensure the work is performed to the standards you require. We can perform restoration work on-site, saving logistical disruptions of moving bulky furniture.

Beautiful fabric

Contact Chris of Croydon today for a no-obligation estimate, on 020 8657 8580 or 07956 175 760.

This is an example of the materials we use for padding and re-webbing: